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Envelope Cushion Workshop


Make at 140 Vauxhall St
140 Vauxhall Street PL4 0DF Plymouth England
The next step for beginners, a great envelope cushion for your home.

You can combine fabrics and have a mix and match look or use just one fabric. The buttonhole finish means you can also choose a fabulous button to finish it off.

Skills you will learn

- Simple sewing machine knowledge and techniques

- Sewing a basic seam

- Seam allowance using a seam guide on your machine

- Buttonholes using your machine

What you will need

- Sewing machine threaded and working ( if you need to use one of our machines you will need to advise us during booking as we have a limited amount of machines available)

- A sewing kit if you have one

- A square cushion pad, 45 cm x 45 cm

- Enough fabric to cover your cushion pad and a little extra for seams usually half a metre is perfect (available to buy from Make with 10% off on the day of the workshop)