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Rag Rugging Workshop


Make at 140 Vauxhall St
140 Vauxhall Street PL4 0DF Plymouth England
“Rag rugging dates back to the eighteenth century and was used until the 1960’s as a method by which to up-cycle fabrics and produce rugs for the home. With a renewed interest in “all things vintage” this craft is beginning to re-emerge as a technique by which to create modern rugs and decorative items for the home eg: cushions, wall hangings etc.

In this workshop you will learn how to design and make a small decorative item for your home using the rag-rugging techniques of prodding and progging.

Skills you will learn:

- What you need for rag rugging

- All the different designs you can do

- The different techniques used

- Prodding and progging!

What you will need:

- Equipment is provided

- You are also invited to bring along to the workshop any fabrics you may wish to up-cycle and use in your work.